Apatite gem bracelet
Apatite gem bracelet

Apatite gem bracelet

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Apatite is a beautiful gemstone in varying shades of blue. It is known as the throat chakra and is and is mainly linked to our communication abilities. Using blue apatite can can makes it easier to communicate and express oneself in other ways. The signs of a blocked throat chakra can include feelings of social anxiety and shyness, difficulty expressing yourself and insecurity. 

You can choose to add to a string of sterling silver beads, frosted quartz gemstone beads or white faceted beads.

They are hand threaded on to elastic so can be made to your size. Standard size is 6.5" if you require bigger or smaller please let me know. If you aren't sure put some string around your wrist and measure it.

Bracelets are handmade to order with strong elastic and can withstand reasonable wear and tear. I recommend gently rolling them over your wrist rather than stretching as this prevents it losing its elasticity. 

I would also advise to remove during bathing, showering, exercise and sleeping and avoiding wearing when using cleaning products. We take no responsibility for damage caused by improper wear or over stretching. 

Please note that gold and silver spacers are, unless otherwise stated, 'plated' and will loose colour over time. Please follow the aftercare to slow this process down. 

All items are handmade to order and I aim to dispatch within 2-4 working days.